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Faculty Directory

Contact Mr. Fahad Aldoghmi  Mr. Fahad Aldoghmi Staff
Contact Cynthia Alvarez  Cynthia Alvarez Staff
Contact Elizabeth Alvarez  Elizabeth Alvarez Staff
Contact Patricia Alvarez  Patricia Alvarez Staff
Contact Anarbol Anaya  Anarbol Anaya Staff
Contact Tana Barrios  Tana Barrios (323) 568-4062 Office Technician in Special Education
Contact Dina Benitez  Dina Benitez Clerical Staff
Contact X. Benitez  X. Benitez Teacher
Contact Jacquelyn Blanco  Jacquelyn Blanco Staff
Contact Nuria Bolanos  Nuria Bolanos Staff
Contact David Bueno-Hill  David Bueno-Hill Staff
Contact Mrs. B Campoy  Mrs. B Campoy Staff
Contact Mr. Canosa  Mr. Canosa Staff
Contact C. Carpenter Fernandez  C. Carpenter Fernandez Staff
Contact Leticia Castaneda  Leticia Castaneda GATE Coordinator, 6th Grade Honors ELA and History, ELA and ELD
Contact Cristina Castell  Cristina Castell Staff
Contact Melissa Castro  Melissa Castro Staff
Contact Mayra Chamorro  Mayra Chamorro Staff
Contact Ms. Chanta  Ms. Chanta TSP Coordinator
Contact Ms. Chau  Ms. Chau Staff
Contact Robert Clark  Robert Clark Dean
Contact Theresa Cole  Theresa Cole Staff
Contact Refugio Davila  Refugio Davila Staff
Contact Suny Davila  Suny Davila Staff
Contact Ana De Loera  Ana De Loera College and Career Coordinator
Contact Maria Diaz  Maria Diaz Staff
Contact Erika Dixon  Erika Dixon Staff
Contact Carlos Espinosa  Carlos Espinosa Staff
Contact Ms. Fausto  Ms. Fausto Staff
Contact Elena Flores  Elena Flores Staff
Contact Haydee Flores-Castillo  Haydee Flores-Castillo (213) 725-5600 ex: 1477 Psychiatric Social Worker
Contact J Galvez  J Galvez Staff
Contact Wendy Gamboa  Wendy Gamboa Staff
Contact A. Garcia  A. Garcia Staff
Contact Maria Garibay  Maria Garibay Staff
Contact Araceli Gomez  Araceli Gomez Magnet Coodinator
Contact Catarino Gomez  Catarino Gomez Staff
Contact Rosa Gomez  Rosa Gomez Staff
Contact Ms. Gonzales  Ms. Gonzales ex: 1469 English Teacher
Contact Cinthia Guadarrama  Cinthia Guadarrama (323) 568-4016 ex: 4016 Sr. Office Tech Attendance Office
Contact Mrs. Gulick  Mrs. Gulick (323) 568-4018 Assistant Principal
Contact Jose Gutierrez  Jose Gutierrez Title I Coordinator
Contact Reiana Guzman  Reiana Guzman Bridge Coordinator
Contact Paula Haro  Paula Haro Staff
Contact Mrs. Harris  Mrs. Harris 7th Grade Magnet English Teacher/ English Department Chair/7th Grade Lead Teac
Contact Roxby Hatcher  Roxby Hatcher Staff
Contact Maria Hernandez  Maria Hernandez Staff
Contact Jonathan Hinckley  Jonathan Hinckley Staff
Contact Mr. Huicochea  Mr. Huicochea Technology Coordinator
Contact Irma Jimenez  Irma Jimenez Title III Coordinator
Contact Mr. Kilroy  Mr. Kilroy Staff
Contact Mary Yi Mei Kuang  Mary Yi Mei Kuang Counselor- AVID
Contact Eva Ledezma  Eva Ledezma Staff
Contact Perla Llamas  Perla Llamas Assistant Principal
Contact Michael Lloyd  Michael Lloyd Staff
Contact Mr Long  Mr Long (323) 568-4000 ex: 1550 Staff
Contact Delia Lopez-Davila  Delia Lopez-Davila Staff
Contact MR. LUTZ THE ART TEACHER  MR. LUTZ THE ART TEACHER (323) 568-4000 ex: 1508 Position: Supports more funding for Arts Ed. from fed., state, & local levels.
Contact Mr. Machado  Mr. Machado Staff
Contact Ms. Magallon  Ms. Magallon Staff
Contact Martha Martinez  Martha Martinez Staff
Contact David McBride  David McBride Testing Coordinator
Contact Jessica Mejia  Jessica Mejia Staff
Contact Lynn Umipig Mejia  Lynn Umipig Mejia Staff
Contact Silvia Mendez  Silvia Mendez Staff
Contact Cristina Mendoza  Cristina Mendoza Staff
Contact Guillermo Mendoza  Guillermo Mendoza Staff
Contact Yesenia Miller  Yesenia Miller (323) 568-4052 Behavior and Intervention Counselor
Contact Lisette Morales-Santos  Lisette Morales-Santos Psychiatric Social Worker
Contact Pablo Munoz  Pablo Munoz Staff
Contact Susana Munoz  Susana Munoz Dean
Contact Lilian Nava  Lilian Nava Staff
Contact Maria Navarro  Maria Navarro Staff
Contact Andrew Ndiforngwa  Andrew Ndiforngwa Staff
Contact Stephen Negrete  Stephen Negrete Staff
Contact Faith Odiase  Faith Odiase Staff
Contact Peter Ofili  Peter Ofili Counselor - VAPA
Contact Dr. Monique Ohashi  Dr. Monique Ohashi GEAR UP Coordinator
Contact Ayeriz Orozco  Ayeriz Orozco Counselor - STEAM
Contact Jose Padilla  Jose Padilla Staff
Contact M. Palafox  M. Palafox Staff
Contact Cheryl Penaflorida  Cheryl Penaflorida Staff
Contact Amy Perez  Amy Perez (323) 568-4000 ex: 1531 6th grade Magnet
Contact Timothy Prangley  Timothy Prangley (323) 568-4000 ex: 1432 Special Education Teacher
Contact Tobie Priest  Tobie Priest Staff
Contact Mr. Ramirez  Mr. Ramirez Staff
Contact Alecha Robison  Alecha Robison Staff
Contact Ruben Romero  Ruben Romero Staff
Contact Victor Ruiz  Victor Ruiz Staff
Contact Graciela Sanchez  Graciela Sanchez Staff
Contact A. Solorzano  A. Solorzano Staff
Contact Anielka Solorzano  Anielka Solorzano Teacher
Contact Anielka Solorzano  Anielka Solorzano Teacher
Contact Ms. Talosig  Ms. Talosig Staff
Contact Raya Tamimi  Raya Tamimi Staff
Contact Mr. Torres  Mr. Torres Principal
Contact Philip Trammell  Philip Trammell Staff
Contact Martha Valencia  Martha Valencia Assistant Principal
Contact Mr. Vasquez  Mr. Vasquez Teacher
Contact Sonia Vasquez  Sonia Vasquez (323) 568-4000 ex: 1402 Teacher
Contact Cristina Vazquez  Cristina Vazquez Staff
Contact Mr. Vidal  Mr. Vidal (323) 568-4000 Staff
Contact Marlene Viera  Marlene Viera Staff
Contact Jacqueline Vizcaino  Jacqueline Vizcaino (323) 568-4000 ex: 1532 6th Grade Magnet
Contact Sergio Vizcarra  Sergio Vizcarra Staff
Contact Edie Walker  Edie Walker Staff
Contact Paula Zamano  Paula Zamano Staff