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East Los Angeles Community College

•Opportunity to Earn College Credit through the Dual Program Enrollment!

•Earn 5 College Credit Units

•Earn a Programming Skills Certificate!

• Courses available on our school campus
•CLICK on the link above to access the Concurrent K-12 Form for registration consideration. Submit application to Ms. A. Gomez in
room 105.

Schoology - Monitor Your Child's Grade

All families are strongly encouraged to register for SCHOOLOGY to monitor student's academic progress.


Please click on the link above to access your child's course grades and school information.

Khan Academy - PSAT Practice

Click on the link below:

SBAC-Smarter Balance Practice Test Site

Brain POP

Click on the link to access Brain Pop


Magnet Coordinator
Contact Araceli Gomez  Araceli Gomez Magnet Coodinator
6th Grade Staff
Contact Erika Coronado  Erika Coronado Staff
Contact Amy Perez  Amy Perez (323) 568-4000 ex: 1531 6th grade Magnet
Contact Jacqueline Vizcaino  Jacqueline Vizcaino (323) 568-4000 ex: 1532 6th Grade Magnet
Contact Edie Walker  Edie Walker Staff
7th Grade Staff
Contact Mr. Canosa  Mr. Canosa Staff
Contact Mrs. Harris  Mrs. Harris 7th Grade Magnet English Teacher/ English Department Chair/7th Grade Lead Teac
Contact A. Solorzano  A. Solorzano Staff
Contact Cristina Vazquez  Cristina Vazquez Staff
8th Grade Magnet Staff
Contact Ms. Chau  Ms. Chau Staff
Contact Ms. Fausto  Ms. Fausto Staff
Contact Ruben Romero  Ruben Romero Staff
Contact Mr. Vidal  Mr. Vidal (323) 568-4000 Staff
Magnet P.E.
Contact Ms. Magallon  Ms. Magallon Staff
Thinking Maps
Thinking Maps
Second Step
Second Step
Student Robotics Program
Student Robotics Program

South Gate STEM Magnet


South Gate STEM Magnet Pltw Grant Recipient:

SOUTH GATE STEM MAGNET has been selected to receive the 2018-19 Verizon PLTW grant!
This grant was made possible by generous support from our partner, Verizon  Innovative Learning.

ROBOtics: ROV sea perch

how does South Gate STEM magnet  compare to other middle schools & Programs?

2018 Symposium
2018 Symposium
PI Day
PI Day


Filming or photographing and posting on social media without permission is a violation of privacy rights. 

Filming or photographing in class is strictly prohibited!

CELL PHONE POLICY- Poliza de Telefono Celular


Students are not permitted to use cell phones during school hours: 7:23 AM to release from school.

*The cell phone must remain powered-off and in the student's backpack for the entire day. It should not be visible.

*If the cell phone is visible or in use, it can be confiscated by a staff member and a parent conference may be required to retrieve it.


No se permite que los estudiantes usen sus teléfonos celulares durante el horario escolar 7:23 AM a salida de escuela.

* El teléfono debe de permanecer apagado y en la mochila del estudiante hasta el final del día.

* Si el teléfono celular esta fuera del la mochila, puede ser confiscado y se puede requerir una conferencia con el padre para devolver el teléfono celular.


See Student Agenda page 14 for further details.


8th Grade Washington DC Trip

South Gate STEM Magnet Locker

Advance Your Math Skills this Summer!

Advance your Math Skills this summer...Register for the Jaime Escalante Mathematics Program. For an application and program details see Ms. A. Gomez in room 105.


Math Course Options:



Magnet School Alumni

We are interested in finding out how our former Magnet students are doing.  If you have been part of the Magnet Program and have also graduated from high school, please click on the following link CLICK HERE.

Program Partnership
Program Partnership
Yes... To COLLEGE!
Yes... To COLLEGE!