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School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

Viking Steps to Success!!!

I will be on time and prepared

I will be respectful and responsible

I will resolve my conflicts peacefully

I will do my work

I will beautify my school

I will be a proud Viking

Go Vikings!



The Viking 3 B's

Be safe

Be respectful

Be responsible

SWPBIS Meetings

Dates for 2016/17 to be announced soon!




School-wide Plan for Success Assembly

Our School-wide Plan for Success Assembly will take place Wednesday January 11, 2017 during P.E. classes. Student behavior expectations including Steps to Success and 3 B’s will be reviewed.



Students in 6th-8th grade are participating in the "Second Step" curriculum during science classes. "Second Step" teaches and prepares students with various social-emotional topics to promote student success.  Some of these topics include communication and empathy, bullying prevention, emotional management, problem solving, and substance abuse prevention.  Please ask your child what they are new skills and strategies they are learning about!


Have you got caught being good? Turn your tickets in the "Caught Being Good" box in the main Office. Raffle is held each Friday during homeroom. Names posted in display case in Main Building of previous winners!


Student Behavior Expectations

                   IN THE CLASSROOM

Students will be RESPECTFUL in the classroom by:

  • Keeping hands and feet to themselves
  • using appropriate language
  • protecting books and other materials from damage

Students will be SAFE in the classroom by:

  • following class rules

Students will be RESPONSIBILE in the classroom by:

  • being in class everyday and on time
  • being prepared with materials
  • keeping classroom clean


                 IN THE HALLWAY

Students will be RESPECTFUL in the hallway by:

  • talking in quiet voices
  • keeping hands and feet to self
  • keeping hallway free from obstructions

Students will be SAFE in the hallways by:

  • using own locker
  • staying out of buildings during lunch
  • making sure to walk

 Students will be RESPONSIBLE in the hallways by:

  • keeping the hallway clean
  • using a hall pass when out of class


                 IN THE RESTROOM

Students will be RESPECTFUL in the restroom by:

  • waiting his/her turn
  • flushing the toilet and washing hands

Students will be SAFE in the restroom by:

  • leaving restroom when done
  • socializing outside of the restroom

 Students will be RESPONSIBILE in the restroom by:

  • keeping sinks and toilets free of trash
  • placing feminine products in trash (applies to Girl’s restroom only)