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Lunch Clubs






This is the Math, Engineering and Science Club.  Come learn about careers in these areas and participate in fun activities and competitions.

Wednesdays in rm.309

Ms. Benitez

College Club


College bound, college prepared! Never too early to plan ahead!!




Game Club

Have fun and make new friends playing games such as Uno, Connect Four, Trouble, puzzles, etc!

Thursdays in the Library

Ms. Guzman

Vikings Going Green

Come learn about ways we can help the environment by reducing our waste and recycling!

Tuesdays in rm. 172

Ms. Bueras

Ms. Okundolor

S.    R.     L.     A.
Students Run Los Angeles

Students Run L.A. is an innovative and exciting after-school intervention program for at-risk middle and high school students in the Greater Los Angeles Area. We provide a physical training and mentoring program to prepare more than 2200 young people annually to complete the City of Los Angeles Marathon. As these students participate in our program and accomplish this seemingly impossible goal, they learn to set and achieve goals in other aspects of their lives.


All SGMS SRLA Runners will uphold the SRLA values which are:
            S trength of Mind & Body
            R esponsibility & Respect
            L eadership
            A ction




Mrs. Harris