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Principal's Message

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Welcome to 2019-2020 School year. It its with great enthusiasm that I undertake this very exciting opportunity to develop our student’s skills in college preparedness and career readiness. I anticipate that all our students will attend college and be successful. In the next few days we will begin to work on a plan that will get the year started in the right direction.  We will align our plan to meet the District goals of 100 percent graduation for all students, Proficiency for all, 100 % attendance, parent and community engagement and school safety.


The school will continue the work of ensuring 100% graduation by programming and supporting all students in the A-G coursework. Students will be eligible to enroll in high cognitive demand classes at the end of middle school.  We will continue to shift towards Common Core Sate Standards implementation.  Through the implementation of the common core state standards in ELA and mathematic and NGSS in Science we will help our students develop critical thinking skills applicable to all content areas.


We will embark on a laser like focus effort with our ELD population. Our counseling department in conjunction with the TSP coordinator will ensure coherent and consistent services are provided for our students. Our students with disabilities will move to the least restrictive environment with lots of supports to guarantee an easy transition and great success.


Parent engagement will become paramount to the success of cultivating a stronger relationship with our parents. We need to partner up with parents to build a school community that is shaped and redesigned year after year by community input. They are our customers and should be held responsible for their part in reinventing the school with new ideas to better our school. We will develop an effective discipline policy that addresses the three major areas for positive behavior support. Our discipline policy will brainstorm and decide on student rules, provide programs for prevention and intervention and will delineate clear consequences for misbehavior. Teaching and modeling the right behaviors will become a major function for the success of our discipline policy.


As we embark on this journey together we will build collaborative and supportive environments to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century. Our students will be college and career ready. I look forward to joining you in this venture as we engage all stakeholders in the meaningful work of developing student’s minds.



Salvador Torres, Principal