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First Semester

Goals for the First Semester

In the first semester of CC Mathematics 7, students will develop mathematical literacy that is needed to appropriately meet the rigors of the common core state standards.  It addresses key vocabulary and language goals that reinforce and enrich each unit while connecting with the standards and assessments.


In the first of the semester of CC Mathematics 7, students will learn the following topics that are Common Core State Standards based:


l Ratio and Proportions                                   l Rational Numbers and its Properties                          

  ¡ Unit Rates                                                         ¡ Absolute Value

  ¡  Scale Factors                                                 ¡   Integers ( +, , ×, ÷ )

  ¡  Proportional Relationships in                        ¡   Fractions ( +, , ×, ÷ )

    n  Tables                                                       ¡  Converting Fractions to Decimals

    n  Graphs

    n  Equations

    n  Diagrams

    n  Verbal Descriptions                          l Expressions and Equations

  ¡  Percent of Increase/Decrease                   ¡ Simplifying Algebraic Expressions (Combining Like Terms)

  ¡  Mark-up                                                         ¡ Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

  ¡  Tax and Final Price                                       ¡  Solve one and two-steps Equations (with rational coefficients)

  ¡  Discount and Sale Price                              ¡  Graph and Solve one and two steps Inequalities

  ¡  Tip and Commission

  ¡  Simple Interest (I = prt)