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Ben Lucas

Welcome Message

Hello!  Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year at South Gate Middle School.  Be sure to read the syllabus for class expectations, the grading scale, and classroom rules.  Have a wonderful school year.  Believe.  Achieve.  Succeed.  


Mr. Lucas Syllabus

South Gate Middle School



Teacher: Mr. Ben Lucas                                                                                     School Year: 2016/2017

Position: Resource Teacher                                                                              Room: 32

Conference Period: 5                                                                                        School Telephone: 213-568-4000


Course Description:  The 6th grade resource students will participate in a comprehensive language arts and mathematics program designed to raise reading/writing and math achievement.  The course is intended to address the literacy needs of students who are reading below grade level by providing individualized instruction through teacher-directed assistance and adaptive curriculum.  The program covers the Common Core Standards in vocabulary development, reading comprehension, writing, and mathematical development across various domains.


Course Objectives:  Sixth grade students will receive instructional content to accelerate their reading achievement and mathematical development.  They will build essential writing proficiency with instruction in both grammar and punctuation.  Students will take ownership and accountability for independent learning in mathematics that promote critical thinking skills.  The program will help students gain mastery of the language arts skills and mathematics required by the Common Core Standards.  The overall goal is to help students increase their reading and writing comprehension, and mathematical skill level.


Assessment:  A variety of assessments will be used to monitor students' reading, writing, and mathematical achievement, which will be used to diagnose individual needs.  These include tests to tailor individual study plans and to place students within their assigned groups.  During the year, students will actively engage in academic note-taking skills and be required to produce an organized course portfolio consisting of work samples that will showcase their growth and progress in the program. 





Contact Information

Mr. Lucas




Conference Period: 5