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How To Get Good Grades

Ten Easy Steps To Get Good Grades

By:  Linda O'Brien


Step One:  Believe in yourself.  


Step Two:  Be Organized. (Example:  Use your agenda for assignments and tests,  keep your locker and backpack neat and get organized before you go to bed)


Step Three:  Manage your time well so you have time for the things you need to do, and you still have time for the things you want to do.


Step Four:  Be in school, on time, every day.


Step Five:  Always do your homework.


Step Six:  Involve your parents and take responsibility for your grades.


Step Seven:  Find a good place to study and organize your study time.


Step Eight:  Be a good test taker.


Step Nine: Reduce test anxiety by studying early and getting a good night sleep before the test.


Step Ten:  Get help when you need it.