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Test Correction Template

Click the link below to download the test correction template in word document.





Test Correction Procedure

Test Correction Procedure

Test Correction Procedure


1.  After a test is returned for a grade, you may keep your test for the purpose of making corrections in an attempt to better understand the material.  Failure to return the test with parent’s signature will result in a LOSS of TEST POINTS.


2.  You have one week to complete test corrections.  The week begins on the day that your graded test is handed back to you.


3.  You may get help from your classmates, parents, or teacher (please make an appointment).  However, make sure you understand your errors enough to explain them clearly.


4.  You must do the following (on the TEST CORRECTIONS TEMPLATE provided in class) for each incorrect question or problem on the test:


  1. Number the problem.

  2. Write your original answer (column 1) and explain what your error was and what you need to do to correct it. (column 2).

  3. Write the correct answer (column 3) and explain what makes it correct by showing all your work and proving that you understand it now (column 4).


5.   You can earn as much as half of the missed points back.


6.   Fill out ALL appropriate items in the test correction template and don’t forget to staple and submit your original test as well.