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Classroom Procedure

Beginning Class
  • If I am not immediately at the door, you will form two straight lines at the hallway before entering class
  • If the door is locked, one knock is OK.
  • Quietly come in the classroom.  Sit in your assigned seat.
  • Put backpack away from your desk or working area.
  • Do not engage in social talk at any time during the period.
  • Once seated, take out your textbook, notebook, and writing instruments.
  • Copy Agenda.
Give me Five (Hand Signal)
  • 1 – Eyes on the Speaker.
  • 2 – Quiet.
  • 3 – Be Still.
  • 4 – Hands Free (Put Things Down).
  • 5 – Listen.
Passing Out and Collecting Papers
  • Only the monitors assigned to pass out or collect papers will do so.
  • Always clean-up quietly and quickly when it asked to do so.
  • Five minutes before the bell rings, you may walk to the trashcan to dispose of your trash, clean the desk, and collect your materials and place them in your backpack.
  • Do not throw your trash into the trashcan from a distance.
  • If you notice new markings on the desk assigned to you, be sure to bring them to my attention immediately.
  • To ensure the safety of all students, I will dismiss the class by calling out row numbers.
  • Do not get out of your seat until your number is called.
  • Your work habit and cooperation grades will be adversely affected if these procedures are not followed.