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Progressive Discipline

Behavior Intervention/Remediations

Progressive Discipline

Ms. Talosig has a defined and progressive set of interventions, remediations, and consequences that she  implements when a student misbehaves: 


Parent Contact – verbal, phone call, written communication or home visit with the parent or guardian


Counseling – individual or group meetings of the student.


Personal Responsibility – students participate in directed activities such as written apologies, restitution, school/community service, anger management


Detention – Students participate in behavior modification for a period of 30 minutes to 1 hour during non-      instructional time


Campus Beautification – remediation work such as graffiti removal, cleaning and paper pick up


Parent Conference – a formal meeting between the parents or guardians to discuss the student’s needs


In-School Suspension – assignment of student to separate supervised activity during the school day with the intent of correcting inappropriate activity.