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Class Rules

Be Prompt

Be Prompt:  This means students will be in their assigned seats and ready to work when the tardy bell rings.



 I will mark you “tardy” if you are doing any of the following when the final bell rings:

  • Not sitting in your assigned seat
  • Supplies and homework not out on your desk
  • Not working on the Warm Up
  • Talking to your neighbor
Be Polite

Be Polite:  This means students will respect everyone, in and outside of the classroom, treating others the way they’d want to be treated.


  • Follow all teachers’ direction.
  • RAISE HANDS for permission before speaking.
  • BE RESPECTFUL and  cooperate with your teacher and fellow students.
  • NO GUM, NO FOOD, NO MAKE UP in class.
  • Students will be DISMISSED by the TEACHER not by the bell.

Participate:  This means students will actively contribute to all class and group work. 

Be Prepared

Be Prepared:  This means students will have all necessary school supplies with them at all times, including their homework assignments.



  •  I only grade work done in pencil.
  •  No sharpening of pencils during class time. 
  • Always have a mechanical pencil with lead and eraser.
  • No borrowing of pencils from your classmate.
Be Productive

Be Productive:  This means students will do their best at accomplishing the stated objectives or standards.  Time is precious.  DO NOT WASTE IT.

  1. Copy the agenda.
  2. Take good notes and show your work on your problems.
  3. COMPLETE all assignments (class work and homework).
  4. Make up your missing assignments when absent.