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Alecha Robison Locker

Alecha Robison

A. Robison's Syllabus

Welcome to South Gate Middle School


Dear Parents:

Welcome to South Gate Middle School home of the Vikings.  My name is Alecha Robison and I will be your child’s special education teacher. I have been a member of the South Gate Middle School family since 2007 and look forward to another successful year. My goal for this school year is to help students achieve their highest level of academic success.  This will be accomplished by working on the student’s personal IEP goals and using the District’s Alternate Curriculum.  If you have any questions or concerns, you can schedule an appointment or email me at  I’m excited to work with your child and hoping for great school year.


School and Class Policies:

1) Your child must bring a note to the attendance office after every absence.

2) Your child must dress for PE class every day.

3) Your child must bring school supplies every day.

4) Homework is given Monday through Thursday.


Grading Policy:

                  4      Work is neat and organized

                          Work is complete & correct (1-2 errors)

                          Follows directions (name, date)

                          Work exceeds requirements


                  3      Work is mostly neat and organized

                          Work is mostly completed & correct (3-4 errors)

                          Follows most directions

                          Work meets requirements


                  2       Work is mostly neat and organized

                           Work is 75% completed & correct

                           Follow some directions

                           Work meets only some of the requirements


                  1      Work is messy & shows little effort

                          Work is less than 50% completed & correct

                          Does not follow directions

                          Work does not meet the requirements






Work Habits:


E (Excellent) - Follows directions and remains on task for majority of work time.


S (Satisfactory) - Follows most directions and task for most of work time.


U (Unsatisfactory) - Does not follow directions and is not on task during work time.




E (Excellent) – Consistently obeys the rules.


S (Satisfactory) – Generally obeys the rules.


U (Unsatisfactory) – Not obeying the rules.





Tear off/cut                                                                                                                           


Student’s Name:__________________________


Parent’s Name:____________________________



Signature:________________________________  Date_____________

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