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9/11/15 2:07 PM

Jonathan Hinckley


Welcome to Mr. Hinckley's music web page :)

Bienvenidos a la página de Mr. Hinckley, maestro de música


SYLLABUS for all Music classes, South Gate Middle School 2015-2016


Mr. Hinckley, Music Teacher



In this class students will learn to play different instruments.  All students in beginning classes will learn to play the recorder as their “take-home” instrument, and will also learn different instruments depending on the title of the class and on the availability of instruments in the classroom.  Students will perform on recorders and/or orchestra instruments to demonstrate the skills they have mastered through class study and home practice.


Students will receive two grades each week--a participation grade and a test grade, each grade worth a maximum of 10 points.  Participation grade is based on cooperation and work habits, and is earned by bringing materials, including instrument when applicable, and by participating in classroom activities without disrupting the class.  Test grades are usually based on performing a song in front of the class, but will sometimes involve writing assignments based on music.  Final performances are considered special “tests” and are worth extra points as a “weighted” grade, worth as much as ten regular test grades.


A student’s final grade is a percentage based on the number of points earned divided by the maximum points possible.


Final Grading Scale:


90-100%    A

80-89%      B

70-79%      C

60-69%      D

0-59%        F