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C. Carpenter Fernandez Locker
Personal Collage
Your personal collage is just that PERSONAL!!!
Be creative, use heart, pride and truly commit to this project after all it is a reflection of You.
  • Complete your personal anagram
  • Have Ms.Carpenter Fernandez edit your work
  • Create a thinking map in reference to your true self
  • Use personally chosen colored paper to draft your collage
  • Turn the draft in to Ms. Carpenter Fernandez for approval
  • Collect items to post onto your collage
  • Construct and finalize collage
  • Turn in finished product
  • Orally present


Be Creatively Unique And Have Fun
My Life As An Immigrant

Comprise A Project On My Life As An Immigrant:


  • Choose a country other than Mexico you would like to trial your life as an immigrant
  • Create a tree map on this topic including the country of your choice
  • In the Frame Of Reference state your claim
  • Write a paragraph in regard to how you believe your life may change and how you may feel
  • Use the text of Barrio Boy as a reference
  • Edit your rough draft
  • Design a cover page
  • Compose a visual page with no fewer than 5 illustrations or printouts relating to your country choice
  • Include an error free final draft


My Struggle

Develop Thinking Maps To Assist You In A Multi-Paragraph Essay About A Personal Struggle Using Evidence From The Text As Support.

Create Thinking Maps (Choices- Circle, Bubble, Double Bubble)

  • Topic (My Stuggle)
  •  List Ideas Of Personal Struggles Of Intense Difficulty
  •  Highlight The One Struggle You'd Like To Focus On
  •  In Your Frame Answer Why This Is A Struggle
  •  In Your Frame State Your Claim
  •  In Your Frame Of Your Second Map ONLY Add Evidence
  •  Add A Legend And Label It*


  •  Include Cover Sheet
  •  Final Draft
  •  Reference/Cite  Page
  •  Thinking Maps
  •  Rough Draft

C. Carpenter Fernandez



7th Grade AVID English/AVID Elective

Ms. Carpenter Fernandez Room 206



It is with great pleasure that I  am your child’s English educator for the 2020-2021 school year.  The following is a brief outline that sets class expectations, policies, materials, and grading criteria.  Our focus will target Common Core Standards.  I am extremely hopeful that this year will promote confidence, overall progress and growth, along with individual successes striving for life long learning.

If at any time you wish to schedule a conference to discuss your child’s performance in depth feel free to contact the Main Office at 323-568-4000 by leaving a message for me, try my direct extension at 1472, or send an email to  I assure you that I will return to you as soon as possible, usually within a 48 hour period.



Accelerated Reader