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Period 4 Slavery Project 2018
Period 4 Slavery Project 2016
Castle Project
Period 1 Slavery Project 2018
Period 1 Slavery Project 2016
Period 2 Slavery Project 2018
Period 2 Slavery Project

Mr. Vasquez

South Gate Middle School 7th World History


South Gate Middle School
7th Grade World History
Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians
My name is Mr. Vasquez and I will be leading 7th graders in their pursuit to understanding more about world history this year. I want to emphasize that I cannot successfully do my job without the participation of students and their parents. I look forward to working 
together to help make this a meaningful learning 
experience for all of us. 
If you have any questions
phone message
Period 4 11:00-11:30AM MWTHF Parent Conference
Helpful Web Sources for Homework

Period 5 Slavery Project 2018
Period 5 Slavery Project
Period 3 Slavery Project 2018
Period 3 Slavery Project 2016
Mr. Vasquez Email
  Mr. Vasquez Teacher
Voice Mail

Phone: (323) 568-4000 Ext. 4364

Remind Code

To register in the Remind App send a text to the number 81010.

and write one of the codes below depending on the students’ period in my class. Password: 

Period 1    @vasquez7a

Period 2    @vasquez7b

Period 3   @vasquez7c

Period 5    @vasquez7d

Period 6    @vasquez7e

When texting first message please include student’s full name 


Teaching philosophy


Underlying my teaching philosophy is the belief that it is more important to teach students how to think than what to think. As Paulo Freire argued, there is no such thing as a neutral educational process. Instructors should not treat students simply as empty vessels waiting to be filled with knowledge. Rather, students should be engaged with alternative viewpoints that challenge existing assumptions and encourage critical thinking. My goals are to help students think independently and to train them to articulate their ideas clearly. I find it exciting when students are able to move beyond parroting what the textbook or professor tells them and are able to draw their own conclusions from the material. Through the study of history, I seek to empower students to be better citizens and to provide them with the skills necessary to play a positive and educated role in society.


Lillian Elementary School

Edison Middle School

Huntington Park High School 

Whittier College

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