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Laura Morataya Locker

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Laura Morataya

Welcome to South Gate Middle School!


Dear Parents/Guardians,


            My name is Ms. Morataya, and I will like to take this moment to welcome you and your son/daughter to South Gate middle school. If your child is in my classroom then I will be your child’s Special Education teacher for all of their academic subjects. Students will be instructed in not only the four subject areas, but we will also be working collaborately to help your child reach their IEP goals. All lessons taught will be aligned with the Alternate Curriculum Standards, and will be tested at the end of every year.

I expect the very best from your son/daughter, and will challenge them to perform at their highest academic level. Students will be taught and introduced to new ideas and concepts that will inspire them to learn. In addition, students will problem solve and think critically in both cooperative learning groups as well as individually.

Parents and guardian, teacher communication is very important to me because you are an essential part of your child’s educational career. Therefore, it is important for us to maintain open lines of communication. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns either by phone: School (323) 568-4000 or Email: LJM8194@LAUSD.NET.



School and Class Policies:

  1. Your child MUST bring a note after EVERY absence.
  2. Your child MUST be in school in uniform EVERYDAY.
  3. Your child MUST dress for physical education EVERYDAY.
  4. Your child MUST bring paper and two pencils to school EVERYDAY.
  5. Homework is given Monday through Thursday.


Grading Policy


4 (100%-85%)

-Work is neat and organized

-Work is complete and correct (2-3 errors minimum)

-Follows directions

-Work exceeds requirements.


3 (84%-70%)

-Work is mostly neat and organized

-Work is mostly complete and correct (4-5 errors)

-Follows directions

-Work meets requirements.



-Work is mostly neat and organized

-Work is 75% complete and correct

-Follows directions

-Work meets only some of the requirements


1(54% and Below)

-Work is messy and shows little effort

-Work is less than 50% complete and correct

-Does not follow directions

-Work does not meet the requirements


Work Habits:

E (excellent)-Follows directions and remains on task for the majority of the time.

S (satisfactory)-Follows directions and tasks most of the time.

U (unsatisfactory)- Does not follow directions and is not on task during work time.



E (excellent)- Consistently obeys rules.

S (satisfactory)- Generally obeys the rules.

U (unsatisfactory)- Does not obey the rules.







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