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Sergio Vizcarra



Hello Families,

My name is Mr. Vizcarra and I will have the pleasure of being your child’s 8th grade Learning Center/RST  for the 2017-2018 school year.  I look forward to working together to further your child’s success not only in my class, but their entire 8th grade career. A partnership between you, your child, and myself, is necessary to accomplish this academic success.


Teacher:  S. Vizcarra

South Gate Middle School Learning Center Syllabus


 (323) 568-4000


Course Description:

Your IEP team decided that intensive skill instruction is needed to support your academic growth. This class will provide learning opportunities to increase your academic skills. Supplemental instruction strategies will be taught and rehearsed until a skill is mastered. The skills necessary for academic success include speaking, reading, writing, math, and social communication. Daily attendance is required to advance your skills. Excuse absences require that you make up the assignments within a set of time. 

Students will read various genres of literature and work with various workbooks and textbooks throughout the school year.  Through this course students will receive support for literacy as well as support in reaching their individual goals as outlined by their IEP.


Behavior Expectations:

Learning center ensures a caring, stimulating, and safe learning environment. Respectful behavior and talk are the foundations of highly effective learners and positive learning communities. In this classroom, just as in life, disrespectful behavior affects everyone. All inappropriate behavior will be counseled and cued to stop. Following warnings and opportunities to change behavior, discipline will be enforced. Behavior intervention may include parent phone call, parent conference, IEP team re-convening, or school discipline through counselor. Together we will build competence and confidence in our academic skills as we built a positive learning environment.



Classroom Rules

  1. Be seated with all materials and supplies when class begins.

  2. Complete all assignments on time.

  3. Listen while others are speaking.

  4. Respect each other’s opinions, space, and belongings.


Discipline Plan

If a student breaks a rule stated above, the following consequences will occur:

  1. Verbal reminder

  2. Parent contact

  3. After school detention and parent contact

  4. Office referral


    Grade Breakdown and Policy

    Grades are broken down into three categories:


    -  Homework/Daily Work

    -  Papers/Projects

    - Quizzes/Tests



    Grading Scale

    A+ to A-  =  100% – 90%

    B+ to B-  =  89% – 80%

    C+ to C-  =  79% – 70%

    D+ to D-  =  69% - 60%

    F  =  Below 59%




    -  During an excused absence (ex. illness, travel), that student is allowed the number of days absent in order to make-up work.


    -  During an unexcused absence (ex. suspension, truancy), assignments are due the day the student returns to class.   Any late work will result in a percentage deduction such as that for late assignments (stated above in Grade Breakdown and Policy).





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