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Weekly Agendas

All Student Documents Available Here in Google Drive: Student Drive Folder


Text #1: "The Man in Black" by Johnny Cash

The Man In Black


Text #2: "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones

Paint It Black


Ongoing Agendas:  Agenda Slides


Study Sync Text #1: "Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat"


Study Sync Text #2: "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"


Study Sync Text #3: ""Abuela Invents the Zero"


Study Sync Text #4: "Anne Frank" Pgs. 137-42


Study Sync Text #5: "Parallel Journeys Pgs. 168-173


Study Sync Text #6: "Born Worker" Pgs. 300-310


Study Sync Text #7: "Home" Pgs. 264-273


Study Sync Text #8: "A Celebration of Grandfathers" Pgs. 275-282


Study Sync Text #9: "Little Women" Pgs. 287-293


Study Sync Text #10: "Across Five Aprils" P.399-405


Study Sync Text #11: "Paul Revere's Ride" Pgs. 405-410



"Julian Leyzaola Perez: In the Name of the Law"


Available Online:




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Mr. Adler

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Online Resources

Accelerated Reader

  1. go to
  3. click “I’m a student”
  4. click “forgot user name”
  5. enter your first and last name
  6. type “abc” for password



Study Sync Textbook Online

  1. go to
  2. enter your LAUSD email address and Password
  3. go to ELA Study Sync w/ ELD




Reading-Writing-Speaking-Listening = PERSPECTIVE

English Front Page

Close Reading of a Visual Text

How to Interpret A VISUAL TEXT

When we analyze a visual text, we interpret the following:

Contrast of Light and DARK
Perspective (3D, From Above/Below, Depth Perception)
Colors Present
Realism vs. Abstract
Recognizable Features, Figures or People
Text Present?
Form / Structure / Shape / Location (billboard? Painting? Photo?)
Current Study: "Christina's World" by Andrew Wyeth




Magnet-Woodcraft Friday Soccer CLub

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 7.52.06 AM.png



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